(All baskets served with chips & sauces)
Sauces: BBQ; Peri Peri; 1000 island; Tartar; Garlic Lemon Butter; Chilli; Sweet Chilli

Ribs Russian & Ribs
Meaty basket with Riblets, Wings, Russian & Onion Rings

Seafood Basket
Medley of Prawn, Hake & Calamari

Chicken Strips Basket
Crumbed Strips, and Onion Rings

Veggie Basket
Grilled Brinjal, Crumbed  Mushrooms, Chilli Poppers & Spring Rolls

Jalapeno Chilli Poppers
Basket of poppers filled with Cheese

Prawn Basket
Prawns with dipping sauces

Calamari Basket
Generous helping of fried calamari & sauce

Chips Only
A good portion in a basket

Basket of Rings
Onion Rings basket with sauce    (only onion rings no chips)