Steak300g choice of either Rump or Sirloin served with choice of fries, mashed potatoe or rice and vegetables

Tina’s Steak
True meat lover’s favourite plain steak with hint of seasoning and basting

Saucy Steak
Mushroom; Cheese; Pepper Mint; Jalapeno Cheese;  Monkey gland; Garlic; Peri Peri; Chilli

Your favourite cut complimented with avocado, bacon and blue cheese

Portuguese Steak
Grilled to your taste, served in a bowl of red wine ,olives and garlic portuguese sauce topped with a fried egg

Egg Grill
300g steak and fried egg


Steak Florentine
Topped with creamed spinach and melted mozzarella

500g T-Bone grilled to your taste